December 8, 2021
Soil is “alive”. The average garden soil is full of living organisms such as worms, fungi, insects, bacteria, and organic matter. It supports life with its naturally occurring nutrients and minerals, making it a perfect planting medium that help plants thrive. It is a complete and self-sustaining ecosystem. Soil is created when mountain stones and [...]
October 1, 2021
Weed and Thatch Control You might have noticed certain weeds taking advantage of your lawn in the cooler months. If there’s only a few of them, you may have to pull them out by hand, otherwise there are lots of liquid weed control products on the market for their type of grass.   If your [...]
Autumn is the time of year when things start to slow down with mowing. Here are some handy things you can still do to your yard during the autumn months. Aerate Aeration will help improve the soil structure. To aerate your lawn, you can use an aerator, garden fork, or aerator sandals. Simply drive the [...]
Lawn Diseases The failure to correctly identify your lawn’s diseases can worsen the problem.  Here are some of the more common diseases and some tips to look out for to help keep your lawns looking great throughout the cooler months. Brown Patch This is most active and aggressive during its peak growing time. This is [...]