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First class Gympie lawn mowing & gardening services at affordable prices.


Hi, I am Ray, your local Gardener and I can take care of all your Lawn Mowing & Gardening Gympie needs.


I also specialise in acreage mowing and spraying and while I’m there I can also clean your pool.


Lawn Mowing & Gardening Gympie, servicing Gympie, Kybong, Gilldora, Long Flat, Jones Hill, Monkland, Southside, Two Mile, Araluen, Victory Heights, East Deep Creek And Woondum.


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Dedicated Lawn Care Professionals

Make your first impression count with All Lawns & Gardens. We offer top-notch Gympie lawn care and maintenance at competitive prices. Your lawn is the gateway to your home, and a well-maintained one speaks volumes. Whether you’re hosting guests or preparing to sell, let us transform your yard into a showstopper.

Gardening and Maintenance Services You Can Count On

Imagine a perfect lawn, all year round, without having to lift a finger. All Lawns & Gardens offers customized service plans, from fortnightly visits to individual projects, to cater to your specific needs. We eliminate the burden of lawn maintenance, giving you the gift of a healthy, vibrant yard for year-round enjoyment.


We tailor our professional Gympie lawn care services to your needs and budget. Our prices vary based on your property size and service frequency. To ensure affordability, we offer competitive rates across all our mowing and gardening services. Additionally, we reward loyal customers who opt for regular visits with special discounts.

Benefits of Mulch Mowing

Mulching your lawn with finely chopped clippings offers a cost-effective solution for yard maintenance. This natural fertiliser nourishes your front and back lawns, reducing the need for additional synthetic fertilisers.


Frequent lawn care offers a double benefit: it saves you money on our professional services and also reduces the need for additional expenses like watering and additives. This ensures your lawn stays healthy and vibrant year-round.


Mulch mowing isn’t just good for your lawn, it’s good for the planet too! By reusing clippings as mulch, you reduce the amount of green waste sent to landfills, contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Our Service Guarantee

As a family-owned and operated Gympie lawn mowing and gardening company, All Lawns & Gardens boasts a team of carefully screened professionals with extensive experience in garden and yard care. Whether you have a petite courtyard or a sprawling commercial property, our friendly team of highly trained experts is here to help you achieve your landscaping vision.


We offer same day services if our schedule permits.

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    Professional Gympie Lawn Mowing Services


    Transforming a big garden from a jungle to a paradise takes significant effort and time. Whether you crave the ease of ongoing maintenance or a one-time refresh, our garden care services are personalised to your every need. From meticulous lawn care to vibrant plant upkeep, our services guarantee a stunning landscape that elevates your property’s charm. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the magic behind your flourishing garden.

    lawn mower

    Achieve a flawless yard that’s the envy of the neighbourhood with All Lawns & Gardens. We offer expert lawn mowing, edging, and maintenance, ensuring an impeccable finish every time. From meticulous weed removal to top dressing, fertilisation, aeration, and even turf laying, we cover all your lawn care needs. And for those with sprawling estates, our acreage mowing services are here to help. In Gympie and surrounding areas, All Lawns & Gardens is your one-stop shop for first-class lawn and garden services. We complete all tasks promptly and at prices that are sure to please.

    hedge trimming pruning

    Hedges add beauty and structure to your garden, but they need regular care to stay vibrant and defined. As seasons change, your hedges may flower or transform their colour, adding intrigue and variety to your landscape. At All Lawns & Gardens, our meticulous hedging, pruning, and trimming services ensure your hedges always look their best. We also remove small shrubs and trees as part of our comprehensive hedging and pruning service.

    lawn mowing gardening services gympie
    rubbish removal

    Tired of yard clutter? Say goodbye to overflowing bins and messy piles! Our comprehensive rubbish removal services handle all your garden waste, including grass clippings, fallen leaves, and branches. We transform your yard into a clean and inviting space, maximising your enjoyment of the outdoors. Rest assured that all removed materials are disposed of responsibly at the local tip, ensuring an eco-conscious approach.

    Mulching & Fertilising

    Give your garden the foundation it deserves. We use only the highest quality mulch, rich in essential nutrients that fuel the growth and vibrancy of your plants and flowers. We meticulously condition your soil beforehand, ensuring it provides a nurturing environment for your plants to flourish, enhancing the beauty of your home.


    Bring your dream garden to life with the help of our skilled Gympie landscapers. We’ll meticulously design and install your desired irrigation system, ensuring your plants thrive. From retaining walls and sleepers to brick blocks and more, we offer a wide range of landscaping features to personalise your space. We also provide expert plant selection advice and handle the planting process, guaranteeing a breathtaking garden that reflects your unique vision.

    Jet Washing

    Our high-pressure water cleaning blasts away years of grime and gunk, restoring the original beauty of your driveways and paved areas. We also conquer stubborn oil stains and other unsightly marks on your pool area or patio, revitalising their look and making your outdoor spaces shine once again.