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    garden care

    Ensuring your garden stays in tip-top shape can demand a significant amount of work and effort, , especially if you have a large sized garden that contains a lot of different plants. Whether you would prefer the convenience of having one of our specialist gardeners maintain your property on a routine basis, or have us come out and tidy your yard up whenever you need it, our garden care services are tailored to satisfy the requirements of all homeowners. Our garden services ensure a five star look and feel that greatly improves the overall appeal of your property. Sit back and relax, while we take care of all your arduous garden tasks for you.

    lawn mowing

    At Lawns and Gardens, we offer professional quality lawn mowing, edging and maintenance services that ensure a truly stunning finish. We specialise in all manner of quality lawn care services including weed removal, top dressing, fertilising, aeration and turf laying. We also cater to customers who live on large properties, through our acreage mowing services.

    hedges pruning trimming

    While hedges can be a wonderful addition to your garden, they require regular maintenance to prevent them from losing their shape and becoming messy and untidy. Hedges change with the seasons, allowing them to add a touch of charm and enchantment to your gardens, either by flowering or changing colour, depending on which type of plants you’ve chosen. Our precision hedging, pruning and trimming services mean that your garden hedges always look magnificent. Our hedging and pruning service also includes the elimination and removal of any unwanted small shrubs and trees.

    jet washing

    Our high-pressure water cleaning services are able to remove all unsightly grime and gunk that has built up on your driveways and paved areas over time, rejuvenating their surfaces. We can also eradicate oil stains and other hard-to-remove marks that tarnish the appearance of your pool area or patio, helping to breathe life back into them.

    rubbish removal

    Certain species of trees and plants that have a tendency to shed their leaves at the slightest hint of a breeze, can make a real mess of your yard, if the leaves aren’t collected regularly. We specialise in the removal and disposal of excess garden waste that has built up in your yard, including grass clippings, leaf litter, branches and more. Our professional rubbish removal services leave your yard looking neat and tidy, allowing you to enjoy the entirety of your space once more. All rubbish that is removed from your yard is taken to the local tip and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

    mulching fertilising

    We source the absolute best quality mulch for your gardens, giving your plants and flowers the right amount of nutrients they need to thrive and flourish in their environment. We condition your soil before plants and flowers are put into place, helping them to add a great look and feel to your home.


    Let our landscaping experience and expertise help bring your dream of the ultimate garden design to reality. We can set up and install irrigation and watering systems and implement all types of landscaping attractions, including retaining walls, sleepers, brick blocks and more. It’s entirely up to you. We can also provide recommendations on which plant life to use and plant them correctly for you, helping to transform your yard into a true masterpiece of landscaping design.