Maintaining your garden can be hard work and time consuming. Whether you are ready to discuss a garden maintenance program to suit your needs or simply a one off visit. We can provide a great look and feel to any home to increase the appeal of your property. You just need to sit back relax and enjoy your free time while we take care of it for you.

    A professional lawn cut provides the best possible finish for your lawn including edging. We can assist with your lawn care through weed and pest control, top dressing, fertilising, aeration, and turf laying. Ride on mowing may be available for all larger properties.

    Hedges look great! Any shape or size, they add a great feature to your garden!
    Hedges change with the season. Depending on what type of plants you get they can flower or change colour through the year adding variety and interest to the garden. Careful and regular hedging, pruning and trimming of your garden is essential to its maintenance. This service also includes the removal of small shrubs and trees.

    Let us take the rubbish away from you so you can relax and spend more time with the family and friends. We will do all the work so you can regain the use of your yard and make sure after removing the rubbish blow the areas to make it look great again. All rubbish is taken to the tip where it is disposed of environmentally friendly.

    We can source the best form of mulch for your gardens and make sure that they look good giving your plants and flowers the opportunity to blossom. We can give your plants and lawn the correct nutrients that it requires and condition your soil before plants and flowers are planted in their position providing a great look and feel to your home.

    We can help you design and build exactly what it is to make your gardens look the best in the street. Irrigation and watering systems can be in place and all forms of landscape can be done, it’s up to you, from retaining walls, to sleepers to brick blocks, we can also suggest plant selection and make sure they are planted properly.

    With our high water pressure guns all grime and marks can be removed from driveways and paved areas bringing life back into them. We can remove the oil stains or the pool area where years of neglect make it look a bit tired from the kids and animals.

    How long has it been since you looked at or even thought about your gutter cleaning? We can do this for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting up a ladder. We will clean the gutters and blow them keeping them clean and free of leaves and other debris that fills them. This will avoid a build up of water or gutters overflowing which can cause damage to your roof or leaks internally and will also make your house free from being a fire trap. We take the danger away from you having to do it.

    Is your driveway looking old, run down and tired from all the years of having the car parked on it, constant foot traffic with kids playing? Let us come out and high pressure wash it before painting it in a colour of your choice making it look new again.