Goals & Values

Here at All Lawns and Gardens we pride ourselves on bringing a high level of customer service to our clients. We have very high values and expect all our Franchisees to uphold these.

We know that without our valued customers we would not be able to survive and that is why we treat them the way we would want to be treated.

We expect our team to be well dressed in our company marked shirts, with their vehicles / trailers neat and tidy and all equipment working properly.

All our Franchisees uphold values that we set and are respectful to all our clients and their neighbours when out working. We treat not only them but their homes like we would our own and if we damage something we will fix it. All Franchisees are fully insured.

We encourage our people in the field to return calls immediately and be as prompt as possible when giving a time to turn up for a job and get it done in a timely manner so not to impact on your private lives.

As we take great pride in all that we do we also deliver a professional job at all times. If there is ever a complaint or issue with the way in which the job is done we are more than happy to discuss to make sure you the Customer are completely happy with the outcome.

Remember the customer makes us who we are.