Steps For Spring Lawn Preparation

Weed and Thatch Control

You might have noticed certain weeds taking advantage of your lawn in the cooler months. If there’s only a few of them, you may have to pull them out by hand, otherwise there are lots of liquid weed control products on the market for their type of grass.


If your lawn is “spongy”, this is due to a build-up of thatch. Thatch can be removed by mowing your lawn back to its runners, nice and low. This may take a couple of mows to do so safely and effectively and is best undertaken only during the warmer months when their lawn is growing quickly.



Aerate your soil to increase the amount of air, water and nutrients it receives. Not only will it help to increase the amount of nutrients in your lawn, but it will also strengthen the roots to encourage better overall lawn health.


Top dressing

Spring is a good time to top dress your lawn if you wish to reduce any unevenness. Mow and fertilise your lawn first and then top dress, remembering not to cover the entire leaf tip. Once the lawn is growing at its peak, it will be ready to take on the heat of summer.



Spring fertilising jump-starts the lawn for the rest of the growing season and aids its growth progress following the effects of winter. It is also great for keeping the soil nice and healthy – healthy soil means healthy lawn!


Liquid Fertiliser – these contain active ingredients which push the lawn to its fullest growing potential in the quickest time. A liquid fertiliser is a quick fix and ignites growth and greening-up of the lawn, it needs to be applied more frequently. They are easily applied through a hose or a spray applicator.


Granular Slow-Release Fertiliser – this is often better value for money if you are looking for a slow-release feed and growth for the lawn over an entire season (three months). Slow release granular fertiliser is easily applied through by hand or a push spreader.


Traditional Fertilisers – these are often the cheapest granular fertilisers that cause a quick spike in the growth and greening-up of the lawn.


Organic Fertiliser – this is the most natural and environmentally-friendly fertiliser product available. True organic fertilisers are made up of either animal or vegetable matter and contain no artificial or synthetic materials.


Mower Maintenance and Mowing

Be sure to check your blades, sharp blades are the key to healthy lawn mowing. Also consider switching to mulch mowing now. During spring, grasses such as Buffalo, Zoysia, Couch and Kikuyu like to be kept shorter so aim for between 2cm and 4cm in length. Cutting your grass too short allows sunlight to reach the soil, encouraging weed seeds to germinate. It also favours shallow root development, which makes the lawn more easily susceptible to drought stress.

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